Black Brown 1826 Is A Modern American Men’s Collection. The Black Brown 1826 Team Of Fashion Designers Style A Line That Captures The Essence Of Today’s Menswear. Black Brown 1826, Combines Modern With Classic For A Fashion-Forward Style That Is Rooted In Tradition.

The Creative Team Of Black Brown 1826 Embody Each Product With Unique Details, Creating A Timeless Appeal Throughout The Collection. From Multi-Dimensional Yarns And Fabrics To The Luxe Textures Of The Black Brown Clothing, The Look Of The Collection Truly Emphasizes The Individuality Of The Man Himself.

The Black Brown 1826 Collection Offers Clothes That Fits A Man’s Lifestyle; Sweaters That Hug, Suits That Define, Outerwear With Form And Casual Clothing That Warrants A Second Look. Originally Exclusive To Lord & Taylor, The Brand Is Emerging As A True Designer Collection. Black Brown 1826 Men’s Apparel Can Be Found Online And In-Store At Lord & Taylor And Hudson’s Bay. With Roots Stemming Back To 1826, Heritage Meets The Moment Face On And The Results Are Resonating In The World Of Men’s Apparel…Black Brown 1826.